iTunes is the hub of some of the best entertainment online. Added to amazing music, iTunes also offers a versatile range of movies, podcasts, TV shows, games, books and many more. No wonder, iTunes gift cards are immensely popular among iPhone and iPad or other Apple device users. You can use these gift cards to buy anything from iTunes Store, App Store as well as iBooks Store. If you use Macbook, you can utilize the iTunes gift card to buy anything from Mac App Store. iTunes gift cards make an awesome gift whether you want to pamper yourself or wish to gift something really wonderful to a dear one.

 Free iTunes Gift Cards

However, if you are an avid reader or music freak or movie buff, buying these gift cards for your frequent purchases would be slightly costly. Thus, it’s better to look for free iTunes gift cards. Yes, free iTunes gift cards do exist. The good news is there are multiple ways to get them.

Here is a brief on how to get iTunes gift cards for free.

Tips to get free iTunes gift cards.

  1. Free iTunes gift card generator

There are free iTunes gift card generators online that enable you to generate iTunes gift cards completely free of cost. These generators are developed by smart software programmers who scrape out iTunes gift card codes from iTunes Store. You will receive these codes on your email. Once you get them, just redeem them from iTunes Store for free gift cards.

Here is how you can use a generator to generate free iTunes gift card codes:

  • Go to a reputed iTunes gift card generator site
  • Look for the “Generate” tab. You will mostly find it on the homepage only
  • Click on the tab
  • Select your gift card value
  • There could be an optional step to share the site on social media. You may skip the step if you want
  • Before the code is generated, you may be asked for human verification
  • After the verification is complete, you will get your code
  • If you want another run of the code, you will simply have to refresh the particular webpage and follow the same process

Now, the popularity of free iTunes gift cards has led to a momentous growth of iTunes gift card generators around. But the truth is that not all would be reliable for you. However, nothing to freak out- there are many authentic sites as well. It’s just that you have to be little judicious while choosing a generator. For your convenience, here are the tips to follow while choosing a free iTunes gift card code generator-

Search around

Don’t just sign up with the very first iTunes gift card code generator you come across. The rule of the thumb is to take a comparative study on at least 4-5 gift card code generators before you make the final call. You can scan the online forums for suggestions on the most reliable gift card code generators. Make sure the one you choose is a highly reputed name backed by a long line of positive user testimonials.

Legit & safe

You may not know but a lot of generators online are not exactly legit. So, be careful to choose a one which abides to a legitimate operation. A reliable site will generally declare about its legitimacy openly on its website. If your chosen one shies away from such open declarations, be careful. The site could be a scam site.

All device compatibility

You have to check out beforehand that your chosen code generator is compatible with all kinds of browsing devices. If not, you will have to stay confined to just one particular device for generating codes. On the other hand, when your chosen generator is compatible with all popular devices- you can easily generate free iTunes gift card codes anytime and from anywhere. The only thing is the device should be backed by a solid internet connection.

Security against virus threats

Scam generator sites are always looking to scrape out personal details of the users from their systems. When you will click on their “Generator” link or download it, they will send virus or malware to your system to extract information. Thus, make sure to scan the generator always before downloading it on your website. A legitimate and secured site will always allow its users to scan its generator tool before download or any related activity. If your selected generator site does not offer such facilities, it’s better to avoid it. Such sites could be very well scam sites.

Verified codes only

The generator site you are taking to should promise you verified codes only. There is no point in generating claimed and used codes. A reliable site will always declare it on its homepage about provision of thoroughly checked codes.

Codes in varying denominations

Make sure beforehand your chosen iTunes gift card code generator houses gift card code values in various denominations. This way, you will be able to buy various iTunes goodies of varying values through the free iTunes gift cards.

No-limit supply of free codes

This is another major point to keep in mind while you are looking for free iTunes gift card codes from iTunes free code generators. Your chosen generator should assure you seamless supply of free iTune gift card codes so that you can generate them anytime, whenever you will need them.

No constant human verification checks

Constant human verification check everytime you go to generate the code is plain annoying. It’s true that a generator site will initially take a human verification check to ensure that you are not a robot. But, if the site asks for it each time you go to generate code with it, it’s better to avoid it. Remember, a reliable site takes care of user convenience and will never do repeated human verification checks.

  1. Enter surveys

Next to generator, this is one of the most viable ways to earn free iTunes gift cards. There are umpteen numbers of sites which run surveys posted by various companies. Brands are always looking forward to know about customers behavior, status and expectations. These surveys help them to get insights about their leads and the market overall. So, they are ready to pay reward points every time you enter a survey for them. These surveys could be brief or lengthy. It’s to note, longer in-depth surveys offer more reward points than shorter ones. You can redeem these reward points for free iTunes gift cards.

There are several sites online that list down the best survey sites to go for when you are aspiring for free iTunes gift cards.  Otherwise, you even have free apps today that can notify you about top portals for paid surveys. One survey will give you $3-$5 worth reward points on an average. If you can complete 2-3 such surveys, you can easily get yourself a $10 iTunes gift card for free.

  1. Download apps

There are some apps that will enable you earn reward points just for downloading and opening it. Don’t worry, you will simply have to install the app in your system and open it for 30 seconds-2 minutes. Depending on the app, you may need to perform some minor tasks like completion of a survey and so on. When you will do the tasks, you will be rewarded with points that you can easily redeem for the iTunes gift cards.

In fact, you will find special apps in the app marketplace that can take you to these apps that are ready to offer you rewards to redeem for iTunes gift cards.

  1. Subscribe on social media accounts

Some companies are ready to offer you reward points if you subscribe to their social networking accounts. The more followers a brand is able to manage, better will be its popularity. Thus, companies are ready to pay people to become subscribers. These companies may even host quizzes or competitions. If you win the competition, you will be rewarded with reward points which can be redeemed for iTunes gift cards.

Some companies may also offer reward points for “Liking” their posts on social media. So, try to find out a reliable brand that promises to offer reward points for subscribing to  their profile on social media. When you find a one, try to subscribe to all their social media profiles on various social networking sites to boost the volume of reward points.

  1. Go to GPT sites

GPT sites are those that offer reward points for completion of minor tasks. The tasks given will be really simple. Actually, these sites hold partnership with various brands. These brands offer reward points when a site visitor performs certain tasks for them. In regards to tasks, you may have to fill up a survey or watch video ads and so on. Businesses are always looking to spread awareness about their company and products. So, they are ready to pay if you take time out to watch their video ads.  Sometimes, you may get reward points just for submitting your email.

Now, it’s true that when you sign up for these sites, your email inbox will be loaded with various marketing and promotional emails. The businesses that offer reward points via GPT sites are looking forward to spread the word out to as many as possible. So, when you sign up for their tasks, they count you as a potential lead and hence start bombarding you with loads of promotional emails. It would be better to create a separate email id just for subscriptions.

When you will complete a task for a GPT site, the reward points will be sent straight to your email id. The best GPT sites will send you the reward points almost immediately.

However, it’s to note here not all GPT sites here are reliable. You must perform your own research before settling with a one. Look for sites that list the best possible and safe GPT portals. A reliable GPT site should carry a strong impression in the market. It should also be backed by several happy customer testimonials. Then, the GPT site should have partnership with only the most respected advertisers to ensure a complete safe experience for the users.

Besides, your chosen GPT site must also promise unclaimed and thoroughly verified free iTunes gift card codes. Make sure the site houses an easily reachable and multi-channel support facility so that you can reach out to them in case there is a sudden problem.

How to redeem free iTunes gift card codes?

  • Go to iTunes Store (or App Store/iBooks store) on your Apple device
  • Go to the lower part of the page and find the “Redeem” tab
  • Click on it
  • Tap on “Use Camera” & scan out the gift card code with your device camera
  • Otherwise, tap on “You can also enter the code manually”

Redeeming code received through email

  • Open Mail app
  • Open the email where you have received the free iTunes gift card code
  • Tap on “Redeem Now”
  • You will be asked to type in the password of your Apple ID
  • Enter the ID and the balance will be automatically sent to your account

Which one to take to?

Are you in a dilemma on which one to take to for free iTunes gift card codes? Well, don’t worry, all the points mentioned above are completely secured and legitimate ways to obtain iTunes gift card codes for free. However, if you are still looking for the best possible suggestion on getting free iTunes gift card codes, go to the free code generators. With these generators, there is no need to perform any kind of work and you get free legit codes in minutes only. Moreover, the other methods cannot promise you unlimited supply of codes. You have such amazing facility only when you go for a reliable free iTunes gift card generator.